Who? Missingpixels is euhm...
all about those missing pixels...

Well sure... I like things simple. No need to complicate things, no?
You're looking for someone to create an image/ layout/ illustration or animation?
Let's meet up!

Since 2000 I've been creating images and graphic designs for a variety of clients in a variety of techniques.

Fresh out of artschool, the majority of my work consisted of sketching assignments ('roughs') for advertisement agencies and graphic designs. Copic Markers and my Wacom tablet being my tools.

As I started to feel somewhat limited by the possibilities of digital techniques to create images, I started to focus on and learn the trade of creating CG-imagery. Over the years, I have become a true mesh-fetishist and experienced modeller. Hard-surface modelling being my 'forte'. 3D-graphics have become my digital weapon of choice as it enables me to create pretty much anything you can think of.

My background as an advertising & graphic designer enables me to quickly understand a brief and put some real thought into images and layouts to make them stand out. Today, my work is somewhat nicely balanced between 3D-related assignments and graphic design work.

In everyday life I'm a father of three, a run-aholic, and a cyclist.
Even though we live a car-free (carefree ;-)) life, I'm actually also a true petrolhead.
It's somewhat of a long lasting love affair that goes back to when I was a little kid. This passion resurfaced recently. I've started modelling some of my all time favourite racecars in my sparetime to feature in automotive artwork. That's how AutoLoveAffair was born. It's still in somewhat of an early stage at the moment, but I'm working on that. Currently only on Instagram.
More coming soon.